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the 3 women

the 3 women


Sometimes when I create something, I'm pulling from a download from Spirit. Such was the case with this painting. I saw the three women, I saw their hair and their clothes, and I saw what order they were in. When Spirit gives me these visions, some of the specifics are often missing. So I didn't know until I got in the fabric store which color fabric belonged to which woman. But I knew the general shape of their clothing and its "personality". 

These women are 3 in a generational line. Now whether they're mothers and daughters,...

Class dismissed

Note: If you follow my other blog, you know I normally include gifs and other images in my posts to break up the text. I'm still learning this platform, so if you want to read this post and have the whole experience, the doors to my other blog are open. I know that's probably not the best idea, but the experience is the experience. You'll be back to buy art, I'm sure. 

I want to start this missive off by saying that I’m a good teacher. I am exceptional at my job. Well, at least I was. On December 14,...

New Vision

This is the time of year that people reminisce. And normally, I would have published a New Year's Manifesto of my own, with ruminations about the departing year and predictions and hopes for the coming one. This year, things are a little different. Though I have my regular blog, I'm writing this post on the website for my art business, which is, and in most ways always was, more than a monetized hobby. I resigned my position as an English professor a few months ago, and this month finished out the remainder of my agreed notice. I haven't fully processed...

072748: the creative finds a MUSE

i have found my muse. and now i am dangerous. because i am fearless. i am motivated by something bigger than love.

on the stroll

hello, my name is nikki, ktheotherway is my brand. i am an artist and creator.