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So, a thing happened. A few months ago, I bought some tote bags and decided to paint them. But because I had so many other projects going on, I forgot about them. Well, one day I got bored painting canvas (which happens every now and again) and "found" those bags. I grabbed some fabric paint I had laying around and went to work. And now I have totes available on the site. 

I love tote bags. Golden Om toteAs a grad student and professor, they became my go-to on long days when I had to be on campus, bouncing between classes and my office. I could bring my briefcase and backpack to work and then use the tote bag to carry papers and other essentials, without having to lug heavy bags across campus all the time. So, it made sense that I would offer them here. 

At home, I use them when I head out to shop, or to the post office, or, to store my journals and other easily misplaced items that can be stored together. To me, it's easier to store them this way than to use a bulky, cumbersome plastic tote. Plus they're washable and durable, which means a lot to me. 

So take a moment and check them out. I think you'll like them. I'll probably add more once I get into the swing of painting them. It was definitely fun, so I can see myself doing it again. 


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