Everything must go?

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I want to create dope art. I want all these sacrifices to mean something. And to be honest, so far they haven't. Y'all. Can we talk?

I am an entrepreneur. I'm also a creator. I'm also a podcast host. I am also a freelance editor. I am someone's auntie (and I am THAT kind of auntie), someone's partner, someone's best friend, someone's sister, and nobody's fool. I quit my job last December because I wanted to chase my dreams, and somewhere in all that chasing, I left myself behind. What I'm saying here is, I was so ready to leave behind the things that no longer served me, I forgot to bring with me the things that did. Like myself. In the year of somebody's lord 2020, I have been dishonest with and untrue to myself. In the worst kinds of ways. I haven't created from the sweetest and most precious parts of myself. I haven't been unrelenting in my quest to do the thing that sets my soul on fire. I have held on to limiting beliefs and past hurts that only sought to cripple my creativity. I have cheated myself. And in all that doing and not doing, I forgot that I am a whole being. Divine, sovereign, intuitive, creative, powerful. Also human. I have slayed dragons and demons, overcome obstacles that were put in place to destroy me. I have been, am now, and will always be perfect (I'm reading Don Miguel Ruiz' "The Voice of Knowledge"), but have been operating from a mindset that chases the very thing I already am. 

I decided to permanently markdown every piece of art on this website and all my art in general because although I love it and am grateful for every brush stroke and every drop of paint, I need to let go of this idea of who I am and really just be who I am as a creative. I have to let go of the need to create for money, and embrace the abundance that comes from authenticity and truth. So that's why everything must go. These pieces represent me holding back. I don't wanna do that any more. I'm giving myself permission to be greater. 

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