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Everything must go?

I want to create dope art. I want all these sacrifices to mean something. And to be honest, so far they haven't. Y'all. Can we talk?

I am an entrepreneur. I'm also a creator. I'm also a podcast host. I am also a freelance editor. I am someone's auntie (and I am THAT kind of auntie), someone's partner, someone's best friend, someone's sister, and nobody's fool. I quit my job last December because I wanted to chase my dreams, and somewhere in all that chasing, I left myself behind. What I'm saying here is, I was so ready to leave...

Why it matters: a note on Thank You notes

Why it matters: a note on Thank You notes

But this is a business built in love whose mission is to raise the collective vibration one brush and key stroke at a time. And that little detail makes a world of difference in my mission. 

The Setup: a post for artrepreneurs about displays

I've started this post 3 times now. I'll finish it this time, I promise. Today, I want to talk to you about setups. This post is meant for artrepreneurs and those who love us. Those people who volunteer their time to help us with an event. We love you, we honor you, we value you, we'll talk about y'all in another post. What we're talking about today is event setup. Specifically, my event setup. Why talk about this? Because this is a space for artrepreneurs to go and feel seen, heard and acknowledged. And yes, having a perfectly curated Instagram...