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Today is journal day, and I figured I'd write a little about them while I wait for UPS to deliver my new inventory. I have been a journaler since I learned to write. I carried a notebook and pencil with me everywhere I went, and wrote my first poem after my father died in '91. My life was hectic and tumultuous, but when I was reading a book or writing out my feelings, it brought me a level of solace I couldn't find anywhere else. I used my allowance each week to troll office supply stores for the newest, fanciest, pens and a new notebook. To this day, my favorite gift to receive is a journal, and I've received a few from people who know and love me best. 

In another life, I was an English major, so writing became second nature to me. I later became an English professor, and admonished my students to journal not just for my class but for their own peace of mind. I'm also a writing coach, and make sure to encourage my clients to journal as often as possible because it just works. 

Journaling isn't just about keeping track of your grocery list, or making huge breakthroughs in uncovering your shadow self. It's about having a ritual, a safe space wherein you are free to say the things you may not be safe or confident expressing in your "regular" life. Even if you just write a list of things you're grateful for each day, having a dedicated place to check in with your star player does wonders for your mental health, and if we're going to keep it a buck, your physical health too. Writing helps you release the emotions you're holding on to. Those emotions can manifest in your body as disease. Why hold on to something that could potentially kill you when you can be free and live a beautiful life? Chile, listen. 

I've wanted to do a campaign with journals since I started this company almost 4 years ago, but I didn't know how people would react to them. When I did the first set in January, they were well received. Little did I know, COVID-19 would come through and I would feel compelled to write about how important journaling is because I know a lot of you are at home dealing with a lot and need a safe space.  I'm grateful that you love these journals, and believe me, I'm going to keep them coming because I want y'all to write and write some more. 80% of my art now is journal art because that's how passionate I am about writing in every facet. Whether you're new to it or true to it, I want to support your efforts. We're in this thing together, y'all. 




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