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New Vision

This is the time of year that people reminisce. And normally, I would have published a New Year's Manifesto of my own, with ruminations about the departing year and predictions and hopes for the coming one. This year, things are a little different. Though I have my regular blog, I'm writing this post on the website for my art business, which is, and in most ways always was, more than a monetized hobby. I resigned my position as an English professor a few months ago, and this month finished out the remainder of my agreed notice. I haven't fully processed...

072748: the creative finds a MUSE

i have found my muse. and now i am dangerous. because i am fearless. i am motivated by something bigger than love.

on the stroll

hello, my name is nikki, ktheotherway is my brand. i am an artist and creator.

love 22: lips

this art stuff really is cathartic.