COVID-19 Safety and Shipping Policy

The global pandemic brought on by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted my shipping and delivery options. Until now, items purchased were shipped 3 days per week. The delays created by the quarantine, and changes in USPS operations mean that I can only ship once per week, on Friday, and I no longer offer local deliveries. This change in frequency protects the immunocompromised people in my home, of which I am one. 

Please allow 14-21 days to pass after your order is placed and confirmed before you inquire about shipping. I work alone, which means each order is packaged and shipped by my hand. Though I am efficient, I am also human, and need time to make sure that each order is handled in a manner best benefitting us all. 

I love and appreciate each of you for your support during this unprecedented time of change, and look forward to sending you your ktheotherway happy mail as soon as I can.